Dun Cow – Salthouse, Norfolk UK

Today after work, we stopped over for a drink at the Dun Cow – a cute pub in Salthouse. They had a great outdoor garden overlooking the cow pasture. It was “next to the beach with a million rocks” per Soren.

The kids had a great time running around – we’ll definitely come back!!  But not on the other side where the sign clearly reads – NO CHILDREN! 🙂  Yes, they have no problems writing that or even the “Well behaved Children and Dogs Welcome

Read more about the village on the web. http://www.tournorfolk.co.uk/salthouse.html

Cool pub – Dun Cow.  Overlooks the cow pasture on the beach in Salthouse, Norfolk.

Inside of Dun Cow – Salthouse, Norfolk

Look at me, I’m a Sneupop (Snowman)


Soren took this photo


Maebh took this photo!


Run, Maebh Run!
Such fun together!
Who knows why they are cracking up here.


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