Wells-Next-The-Sea & Hunstanton, UK

Today  I spent the morning visiting local primary schools for the kids.   Tomorrow I will have a look at two additional schools in the nearby villages before submitting our official request to get S enrolled full time.  He is really bored and needs a challenge asap.  After Maebh napped and after Nils was done with work, we spent a few hours roaming around the area.  We ended in Well-Next-The-Sea.  Yes, you’re right, you think I’m missing the “TO” as in next to the sea but it’s the first way. Odd, I agree.

Oh well, it’s a nice sea-side village, filled with Crab fisherman, great playground, indoor place space (which sad for us is only open on the weekends) loads of boats and picturesque beach shacks. They are not for living only for storing all your summer goods and for 68,000 Pounds you can have one too!  Soren finally got
his “English” flag and we had to get one too.



Before you reach the road to the beach and just next to the harbor is a great playground area is great for kids – we call it the Pirateship playground!

Super fast slide.


Maebh’s turn on the crazy fast slide
Singing songs about the sun.. yes it was shining again.  We’re having loads of good luck with the weather.


Wells Next The Sea
Norfolk Coast Path


Look at me with my British flag.


5:00 pm and the entire village is closed.
Famous Wells Beach Huts


Beach huts continue.


Pop goes the weasel up and down they go.
Nils & Soren at the water’s edge watching the boat come in.  Beautiful lighting.
Rescue boats returning – looks a lot like Play Mobile boats – such nice colors.


Beach huts continue…
I think Maebh is on the cutest beach hut ever.  With “pirate ship wheels” as she says.
Funny faces to each other.
Hopscotch (but Soren looks like a giant)
Cool, pirate ship playground of Wells-Next-The-Sea
Soren at the beach
Soren at the beach

A couple days later, we headed over to Hunstanton a Victorian Seaside Resort area. It’s about 40 miles South West of us.  The area is a seaside resort location -full of fish and chip shops, loads of fun fair/carnival options run by Tinkers(?) and loads of family-friendly things.  But one uniqueness is the sun sets in the ocean, but it’s not really accurate as far in the background, 20 miles over is what is called Lincolnshire with a town called Boston!  This area of water is called “The Wash“. You can read much more about it by clicking the link.)  In the summer water temps can reach into the low 20s degrees C (about 70 degrees F) after prolonged high ambient air temp and sun.

I really like this area. It has the cool Oasis center which includes a huge pool with waterslide, outdoor eco-ice skating and a favorite of our kids the Fun Castle indoor play area.  There are some AMAZING Victorian homes nearby which rival Back Bay. It is huge for watersports like Kite Surfing, Wind Surfing, Jet Skis and more.  It even has an amphibious vehicle “The Wash Monster”. I can overlook the fun fair aspect, the large caravan population – because quite frankly the Searlers Luxury Resort looks great for a long weekend camping-type break and it is not cheap. A 3 night stay in July is 450 POUNDS or NEARLY 600 US Dollars for a caravan (a nice one, of course)

Say what you want about this area, it’s great and I look forward to visiting once it’s warm again.

Old Hunstanton Light  – private residence
Can’t say no to a pony ride on the beach even if it is FIVE QUID!!


Finally the guy got out of the photo!!



Even Maebh had a great time – this horse is Buttercup.


View from the town square.
A really beautiful Village Green.
Bounce House Ball Pit fun!



Air Thingies…
He still talks about these air things…
Who needs a blow dryer!?
The Sea Tour – The Wash Monster
Tractors taking out racing boats

A pretty large sperm whale, who was already dead, washed up on the sands of Old Hustanton. 

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