Our first days in England!

Yesterday we arrived completely exhausted and spent the better part of this morning sleeping in.  We were so tired as were the children, but we are all doing well now.

Today we visited the town of Holt, the place where we’ll most likely live.  It’s so nice.. a pretty upscale village with loads of quaint and interesting shops.  The home we’ll see on Monday is there and it looked pretty good.  A simple walk up the street brought us right into the town center.  We’ll probably stay there for 5 months until we find another home where we’ll furnish up and make our own.

We stopped off at Cley, Blakenly and then Wells-Next-The-Sea.  So far Holt and Wells are my favorite.  We then saw Sheringham, Cromer and a few other towns.  All very cute in their own ways.

Loving playing the piano – so delicately.
Painting studio. 
Playing with the rocks. 
Soren says no smoking and no laying back in your chair.   
Soren says phone booth, Maebh says piggy bank!
Beautiful Georgian-style home on New Road in Holt
Pretty front door. 
Another home on New Street, Holt
This home was once a church.
Washing each other!
Maebh and Soren in the bath.

The Fairstead Cottage, Holt
Pathway from New Street. 
Kids’ playhouse – named Windy Cottage.

Nice car!

Quick photo from the car window  We thought they were walking small horses, but turns out it was alpacas.
Chasing Pake around Wells common.
Cozy pub The Crown, Wells-Next-The-Sea
We had a drink here. 

Shopping street in Wells-Next-The-Sea
Tjibbe picking up some veggies for tonight’s dinner.
Butcher shop
“Rock Star” Store per Soren

Soren picked up this flag and yelled up the street to Nils, “Papa I want to buy this flag.”
A couple “fishing” for crabs with a string and some bait.  
No idea what these people were doing.  Nils thinks street performers but I think it was a weekend gag outing like stag party.
Even the people on the street were perplexed.
Panenkoeken Schip in Wells-Next-The-Sea
Soren insisted on pushing her.
Suddenly she tipped back – heavy bags. 
He immediately started singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and says SHHhhh Maebhie!!

Artist on Cromer Pier 

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