New Hampshire with Pakkie & Lonnie

Before we leave to the UK my parents, myself and the kids took a trip up to my Grandma & Grampa’s grave and a trip over to the ending of a steam engine meet in Dublin, NH.

I always get a little choked up when you visit the grave of people you loved, but then I have tons of great memories of both my Gram and Grampa.  

Gram – was a nice woman, who did so much for me. In her old age she became a bit bitter and odd, but she had a hard time in the end.  She always told me to be independent, stick money away in several accounts so on a rainy day I had money and become a nurse.

Gramp – he was a fun guy.  Wore a one-piece work suit, drank cheap beer from Price Chopper, watched World Wrestling Federation on TV, loaded up his slippers with baby powder and always bought me marinated mushrooms and pigs feet!

Soren (4.5 and Maebh 2.5) in front of Gram & Grampa’s grave plaques. 

Soren (4.5 and Maebh 2.5) , Lonnie & Billy n front of Gram & Grampa’s grave plaques. 

Walking the plank.

He would stay here all day if he could!

Lonnie & Maebh with matching necklaces.

Kissie, Kissie

Off to view some steam engines

Making shingles from logs. 


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