Beverly Youth Soccer – First Day

Today was Soren’s first day of “real” youth soccer.  He enjoyed it, but as always it was a bit unorganized and overwhelming.  They are 4 & 5 and are given instructions for 10 seconds and are left to do it – clearly a recipe for error.   At the end he said he didn’t want to do it any more as it took too long – LOL – this my boy, you will do!

And it would not be a soccer day without Maebh has his biggest fan & cheerleader though she had some play time too.

First day of Beverly Youth Soccer – Team LIVERPOOL – yeah!!

Goalie towards the end – but nothing much was happening. 

Waiting for instructions.

More crazy explanations – no 4 year old can understand!

Stuck in the mud

Playing some form of tag.

Go go Soren

Moving the ball with an audience behind him


Maebh found it fun to play with the inches upon inches of freshly cut grass (TERRIBLE!!)


Proud Girl, Proud Mama

I think this is where she did #2 

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