British Soccer Camp

Early in the year I saw that there was a soccer camp coming to Beverly called British Soccer Camp – and I jumped on it knowing how much fun Soren would have.   While he is still very “beginner” he is learning to maneuver the ball and remain standing more so than at the start.

Each day for a week from 9-10:30 am he learned different techniques and skills with a few other little guys ages 4-6.   His coach Craig was funny and was able to keep these little guys engaged the entire time.  The last day they were pirates and did things like – Scrub the deck – move the ball back and forth, or climb the rafters rotate back and forth between legs.  Soren had a really hard time with jumping on one leg like a Peg Leg, but it was certainly fun to watch.

If we are in Beverly next year this time, we’ll surely sign him up.  If we’re in the UK, then he’ll be doing something hopefully as equally fun over there.

And at the end, his coach gave them a certificate.

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