Hannah’s 3rd Birthday Party

Today we attended the birthday party of our friend’s Rebecca & Steve’s daughter, Hannah.  It was very cute lady bug themed party.  Maebh loved the play house and so many things to do in their large back yard.

Hands Up!


Lady bug for good luck


Hitting the Lady Bug Pinata


Hitting the Lady Bug Pinata


Sweetly passing off the bat to Maebh


Maebh’s turn


And posing cutely


And the goodies from it breaking (from a dad) after a painful 30 minutes of soft hits from kids.


And her bag filled with junk (thankfully not candy!)


Watch me hang here and look for the fire


With the birthday girl, Hannah


Train is coming, cover you ears


Papa teaching Soren to play bad mitting 


And the “purple line, papa’s train passes by – loud and quickly)


For a ride with the birthday girl


Watching the train – 3rd time


Tire swing ride – can’t believe she held on


Little girl ride.


Say Cheese – birthday hat


Buckled in an stuck yet content.


Pin the eye on the ladybug


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