Hottest day of the year calls for a pool party

Today was the hottest day of the year – 90 something degrees.. maybe even a 100.  Luckily we had an early start to our day including a trip to the dentist at 8 am and horse therapy at 10 am … back home for lunch and naps… so by the time we had our pool party it was 4:00 pm.

I realize my kids go to bed later than most of their friends (Maebh at 8 pm and Soren at 9 pm ) – but they also nap for THREE HOURS each day… how on earth can I give that up!? 🙂

We’re well-rested and ready!
The water feels warm – but I’m not actually interested in going into the water…


I changed my mind, pick me up, pick me up!!


Oh it’s so warm and I love it.  (mind you it had been in the sun all day – sooo hot!


My pretty girl (probably when she was taking the dump)


Teaching Maebh how to swim


Obsessed with bubbles


Say freeze pops


Oh no, two blue freeze pops is all that were left. Do you know how much I HATE them eating blue things!!  I swear the food dye is so bad for them – especially blue.


Water table play
Fireman Soren


Relaxing watching his pants float up.

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