Cape Cod, MA: Take II – Father’s Day Weekend

I scored a wicked cheap deal on Google Offers for a two night motel stay for $105~~ yes, $105 not per night but for TWO nights FRIDAY & SATURDAY – unheard of!!

As expected, the hotel was no frills, just basic motel but the kids loved it.  It had an indoor & outdoor pool but the outdoor pool was too cold still this time of year.  We’d have to wait until August to go in that as it was unheated.  But they did have a blast in the indoor pool though.  Soren actually (with the help of arm floaties) was able to swim around on his own.

At the end, we’re actually all Cape Codded out but had a great time nonetheless!  Remember, we spent Mother’s Day weekend in Cape Cod too!

Welcome to Cape Cod – Sagamore Bridge – Traffic free!  Always a good start to a trip to the Cape!
Cape Cod National Seashore – Wellfeet Beach, Calhoon  
Beachcomber, Welfleet – home of the BEST margarita and
such a great spot to be in the summer!

Watch me toss this sand, Mom!
Handsome boy at Race Point Beach, Provincetown
A lone picnic table, at a beautiful beach
Pretty Flowers and old fence – Cape Cod National Seashore
Mama’s Margarita – of course!
Welfleet Beach
Obsessed with Bubbles
Mac’s Seafood Shack  – a must try next time
I forget the name of this lighthouse, but it was pretty.
Uncle Nick’s Bridge, Welfleet
Coast Guard Beach
Coast Guard Beach
The sign says it all – Cape Cod National Seashore
Cute Cape House in Chatham
I can’t hear you
Seal Watching, Chatham
Seal Watching, Chatham
Train Tracks
Ready for the pool
Ready for the pool
Ready for the pool
Slide at hotel
Soren helping Maebh.  Sure enough, the moment he moved his hand, she lost her footing and fell backwards down that hole and hit her head.  Probably a 2.5 foot drop.  Poor little girl, but she was okay.
Yummy Arugala Salad Pizza, Hyannis
Laughing girl
Peek – A – Boo with Soren
Playing with food, yes, blowing bubbles
Music at Mullen Playground, Falmouth
Awesome Climbing wall at Mullen Park, Falmouth
Monkey Bars
Back and Forth, Back and Forth

The annual Hyannis Father’s Day Classic Car show was during the weekend, so with Nils & Soren – no way would we not enjoy that.

Papa’s favorite – Triumph TR3A



Mom Loves this one
Soren’s favorite car has Fire on it
Maebh’s favorite
One of mom’s favorites!!
Fun car
Nice woody wagoneer
Huge Flag which the kids thought was cool
Nice car for Papa
Look the “lemon from Cars2”
Soren likes cars with fire
love, love, love
Air hockey vs Maebh
Air Hockey vs. Rara, (Soren)
Mama’s here to help
Soren showing Maebh how it’s done
Auto Rijden
Funny Girl
The boy is obsessed with Fire Poles
Me and the kids – so look like my parents here.
Boardwalk, Sandwich, MA (or Barnestable??)
Boardwalk, Sandwich, MA (or Barnestable??)
Another fire pole
Fun at a playground
Looking for “Ra Ra” or Soren (static started)
Love the face
On the edge at Welfleet – huge cliffs
Sand play – Race Point Beach, Provincetown.
Chilly but we did see seals.
Hi Mum!
Scary Drag Queen Michael Jackson
I don’t mind it, Nils hates it.
Watch  me eat this lemon
Oh it’s strange…
Ewww my mouth.  Wanna try Maebh?


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