Recipe: Three Minute Fudge

THREE MINUTE FIDGE – yes, 3 minutes!

14 oz can of sweet condensed milk
one 12 oz package of semi sweet chocolate chips
one 10 oz package of butterscotch – but I used about ½ cup of melted butterscotch (jarred in ice cream aisle)
*optional garnish is crushed heath bar crunch toffee chips

Combine in your bowl your chocolate chips and your butterscotch. Add the condensed milk and mix.  Microwave for three minutes, stir till smooth. 30-second increments since I’ve had chocolate burn on me in the past. After just 2 minutes it was fine and great. Mix in a ½ cup of toffee chips to add texture to the fudge beyond the topping. Pour into a 9 x 9 pan for thick squares or a 9 x13 pan for thin squares.

If your oven tends to bake hotter than normal, I’d do 30-seconds at a time. If the mixture overcooks, your fudge will be hard and chewy. I used a 9×9 baking dish so the fudge would be chunky. Then I placed it in the fridge for 30 minutes to harden.

Cut the fudge into very small squares–a small bite goes a long way. And, done! * I let the fudge sit out on the counter for 10 minutes before cutting and it required a bit of strength to cut through, but I think that’s normal of most fudge. I cut one row at a time and carefully slipped my knife around the edges and under the fudge to “pop” the candies out. They didn’t stick in the pan (since there’s so much butter in them) but they do did need a little wiggling to come out.

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