Easter Egg Hunt & Hunt For The Golden Egg

Today we had Easter dinner with the Roberston’s family and friends. It was so nice and we had a great time.  We first started off at Joyce and Jeff’s house for the traditional Easter Egg Hunt and GUESS WHAT, Soren found the GOLDEN EGG!  His first Egg Hunt and he found it [with my help!]  $10 bucks and some extra treats.  The rule is next year we have to fill it up and hide it.  Very fun!

Here are a bunch of photos from the Roberston’s house and the Egg Hunt.

John & Marlie’s House
Cute Red House on Lenway Road, Byfield
I think we need a bird bath – he loves then!
More birdbath fun.
Me and Maebh – (teething so eating a celery stick)
Me, Maebh and John Roberston
All the kids getting ready for the egg hunt.
And he’s off to find the eggs.
Okay, basket full – chocolate break!
Mama helping Soren.
Helping find more eggs.
Come on Soren, let’s go find the golden egg!
Another egg.
Chocolate in the cheeks!



Off to the egg hunt.
Patiently waiting BEFORE the egg hunt.
Exploring before the egg hunt/
Climbing on cool New England stone wall
Brian’s monster truck! (Tracy’s boyfriend)
SURPRISE, Soren found the egg. (Boy in the back Tanner was PISSED!)
Showing off the Golden Egg.
Golden Egg  – Contains $10 and a bunch of candy.
Giant Cupcake


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