Soren & Mama’s Date – His first time at the movies

I took Soren to see RIO on Saturday and it was GREAT!  I personally LOVED LOVED LOVED the movie.  The soundtrack was fantastic and this is definitely one of those must-purchase Disney Pixar movies.

Typical high-definition, lots of humor, great images, great music.  An all around well-done movie!
It was really funny that the characters really looked Brazilian.  I think once you see the movie, you’ll know exactly what I mean.

Here is the official preview:

We arrived early to avoid any long lines and having purchased our tickets on through Fandango, I was prepared.   We ordered popcorn and lemonaide and made our way to theater #9.  All the way I let Soren lead, with giving the man the tickets, finding us door number 9, picking out the seats.  We were about 20 minutes early inside the theater so he did do a fair amount of talking about what was on the screen.  The word STARS came on so he screamed, “S for Soren and there, there is another S at the end.”  A preview for another movie came on and she screamed, “I don’t like that chicken, I only like HORSIES.  THREE HORSIES”!  It was truly cute.

I was so surprised we made it through the ENTIRE movie.  I saw parents with small kids coming and going.  Sure a few times I had to hold his hand and tell him to get back up in his seat, but he managed.  It was very loud and I thought that was unusual for a G rated, kids movie at 11:30 am  on a Saturday but hey, maybe it’s normal.

Overall we had a fantastic time and I cannot wait to do this more.  I can picture the entire family (Maebh and Nils in a few years) but for now, I’ll cherish these little alone dates with Soren.  I hope to take him to see Cars2 when it comes out.  It looks really great too!

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