4.1.11 – There is SNOW and it’s NOT an April Fools Joke

We can be grateful that the 30 inches of snow that dumped on us 10 years ago has not been repeated but it royally stinks to have a few more inches on the ground.  Mainly for two reasons.

1) It’s Spring time and I’m really ready for it and

2) TOMORROW we are celebrating Maebh’s first birthday and  had hopes of the older kids to be able to spend a lot of time in the backyard.

Even if it is sunny and 50 degrees… the snow causes problems.  Ugh.  Fingers crossed and prayers that the rain will come and melt it asap.  Mud will be left, blah!

To think one year and 5 days ago, I took her home in record breaking heat of 90 degrees!!

Here are some photos of our this latest round of snow. 😦


No grilling for us 4.11.11


Kids picnic tables 4.11.11


Snowy Back Deck 4.1.11


View from the front 4.1.11

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