3.31.11 – kids playing

After breakfast, Maebh and Soren spent a couple of hours playing together cracking me up.  Here are some shots from today.  They were so cute I couldn’t resist.  Forgive me if they have food on the faces, hands and clothes.

First Soren starts off with singing the “Deer Song” aka “Home on the Range.”    Followed by a juggling act.  I’m beginning to think he may have a future as a professional part-time clown – making $250 for a stink’n hour at kid’s birthday parties!

Then we played with the Dutch wooden blocks they got from Beppe the Christmas before last.   Maebh gets  a big kick out of picking things up near her head and dropping them.  Soren gets a kick out of her when she passes each letter to him and he says Thank you Maebh!  Real cute!

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