Bowling with Friends!

Today we spent the morning having coffee & bagels here and then headed to the local bowling alley for some fun.  Dads had a lane, moms had a lane and tots had the bumper lane.  Lots of fun was had by all!

Deliciousness from Bagel World 

Kids Bagel Table

Soren loving his breakfast

Dads on the couches 

Taking a reading break in the playroom

Practice Runs

Joey, Sofia & Maria 

Watch out your pants are falling down boy

Nils & I synchronized bowling (very unflattering photo) 

Maebh took her bagel to go.  

Soren and his pal Joey having a cheese stick break

Soren: “Mom can you please stop with the photos!”

“Alright, I did it Mom!”

Kids playing Simon Says.  10 strings is a LOT for 3 year olds!!

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