Soren aka Messi’s first say as a Football star!

Today Soren aka Messi started his football aka soccer class.  It consists of him, one girl and about 9 other boys of which THREE are named Jackson.  He had a GREAT time.  Scoring goals, hand/eye coordination, listening, kicking, and lots of basic rules like NO HANDS, which is not always followed 🙂   It was a lot of fun.

Holding Maebh some of the videos were a bit wobbly but nonetheless I captured some really great views of him thoroughly enjoying himself.

As you’ll see, he was wearing his Messi outfit and everyone got a kick out of him.  The “coach” wears a MAN UNITED Jersey – and another Mom said, oh yeah, Man U.  Of course, being the wife of Nils, I said, ah Manu U blah! 🙂

Here are a series of photos and videos taken today, the first day of his Football career 🙂

This video is cute.  “Mum, I did it!”

More Goal practice 

I LOVE THIS ONE… They all know the color of “their” hula hoop.  Soren’s is green!
Practicing the Obstacle Course
You get the idea.  I’ll spare you from the other 20 videos I took  🙂

I’m pretty happy as Nils has every other Friday off and this class is on Fridays at 11 am so he’ll get to enjoy this next week with us.

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