First Time On Ice Skate – Feb 27, 2011

On Sunday, Soren is going to give a go at Ice Skating lessons.  We found a place – Peabody Skating Rink has lessons on Sundays for about 45 minutes.  Lucky for Soren two pals will join him in this adventure – Stephen and Caitlin.

Monday – Well, we did it, Soren has his first day of skating.  While not trying to make excuses for Soren but he was sick with a fever and not to happy.  We’ll continue on, but he was just flat out exhausted from trying.  Like with all new things, he’ll struggle at first, but I’m so confident he’ll be a champ on the ice in now time!  Practice makes perfect.

Here are a couple videos of the big first time on skates.  He’s in ORANGE.   The teacher drops him and thankfully he is wearing a helmet, which fits.

I’m going to get a few images posted after the first class, but here is Maebh wearing his new gear.

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