Flower Power & Ice Cream

Yesterday during our morning trip to Newburyport, we were in search of a sunhat for Maebh.  Her head is in the middle – too big for 0-6 month hats and too small for 12 months.  The Black Dog store, which I LOVE all their stuff, didn’t have anything that worked.  They did give us a balloon for Soren, but after about 5 minutes, it was off in a high tree! 😦   We did find a store called Children’s Orchard, which I bought her 3 little hats.  They were very nicely priced at $4. each.  Two were used and one was brand new.  At check out, they had the large flower and headbands for $2.99, couldn’t resist!!!  She’s so damn cute with it on.

There we also bought Soren these funny Baseball Sunglasses.   Naturally his little button nose doesn’t exactly keep them up, but it was more for the fun of them than the actual usage of them.

Oh and the ice cream was a big bonus.  We stopped at White’s Ice Cream Farm on the way home.  It’s on the Rowley/Ipswich border.   Great tasting ice cream!!

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