Update with Baby #2 at home for a week

The baby is fed and back to sleep.  Soren is still asleep, so I’m taking advantage of this free moment to enjoy a cup of coffee before Soren is up and ready to come out!!

Today, April 12, 2010, was supposed to be the day we met our precious little one, but thankfully she turned instead.  The dreadful possibility of a c-section is far behind me.  I will never forget that and anytime someone tells me they have a breech baby, I’ll share my miracle story with them, there is hope – while slim at 3%, don’t think it can’t happen!

Today is Nils’ first day back at work since having the baby.  Last night was pretty good too.  I was up a few times to nurse, but thankfully he was able to sleep through it – or at least seemed to have slept through it.  I’ll have to check with him again today to ensure he was not disturbed.

Even Soren had a good night, slept straight through the night without screaming for Mama.  In another week or so, Nils will switch to his new shift which will be 3-11 pm.  At first, we thought that might be tough, but we’re committed to making it work.  A job is a job and in this awfully tight economy, we’re grateful!  But after thinking about our patterns and habits, we think it’s going to be okay.  Nils is a night owl, I’m a morning person.  So if he arrives home at 11:30 pm, I’ll be just getting up to do another feeding.  On non-work days, he normally doesn’t come to bed until after 1 am anyway and still manages to get up around 8 am anyway, so on his new workdays, he can still be here to help in the morning/afternoon with Soren.  Soren loves to talk walks on the beach, play ball outside, feed the neighbor’s bunny and so on.   Nils will also be working weekends, but the same deal, we can easily have two consecutive mid-week days off and make it our weekend.

I’m most concerned about bedtime!  Nils has really become a CHAMPION in that field.  After Soren’s ENT surgery and the trouble we had with him sleeping, Nils took charge and found a way to help soothe Soren to sleep. They have their nightly bath routine, followed by a Dutch book, Of course, the MOO BOOK (Given to us from Tante Liberte at Xmas) – his #1 favorite book, followed by songs in Dutch and night night kisses.  Then off to sleep – sometimes a little fussing but not much.  Amazing!    We talked about the possibility of him coming home during his “dinner” to do this, but that is not going to happen.  We’re going to move his bath from PM to AM so that he can continue to have this fun time with Papa, because that is what it is.. about 25 minutes of splashing and singing and fun and games.

Perhaps now that Papa will be at work, Soren will allow me to put him back to bed without a major struggle.  It’s so hard when he’s standing in the room yelling, “Mama, come back”, Maaaa Maaaa!”  Oh, makes your heart sink but if you can be strong and leave him for 10 minutes (most often less), he does come to terms with the fact it is bedtime and goes to sleep.

Did I mention how much a great boy he has become?  He is just the apple of my eye!  He talks so much now too.  And loves to help, not just with the baby but with everything.  He of course wants it his way, but that is a stage of independence and we’re letting him have it.  For example, if he wants to eat his food with a spoon and not a fork, okay, that is fine.  He loves to have “Juice” as every kid does not not “Blaaa Water” so we allow it.  I found non-concentrated, no-sugar added apple juice and he is a huge fan of tomato juice, so he gets that too.  Now if I can only get some more Iron into that diet of his.  🙂

We’ve also been looking hard and strong at our budget to see what items we can cut to help with finances, and we’ve decided we are going to have to pull Soren out of his daycare two days a week.  While it doesn’t seem like a lot, but the $112 per week for 4 weeks is nearly my car payment.  I’m going to tell them tomorrow and give them a few weeks notice.  I hate to do this as he loves it there now and it gives me time to.  Now that I think about this, I might keep it on for the month of April and stop in May.  We figured its springtime now, the weather is getting better, so Soren can play outside more.  Hopefully, we can have more playdates here at our place, so I don’t spend too much time getting them both ready to go out for a few hours then home for nap time.

Okay now it’s time to run, Soren should be up soon and I have lots to do today.  While my mother is coming for a couple hours to help out, it’s really that she’s going to be here to watch and play with Soren while I run a few errands.

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