Welcome to the world baby girl: Maebh Neidin was born

So in an effort not to forget too much, I’m going to try to recall everything that happened here.

Going back to my last post, it was 11:49 pm on Monday, April 5th and Nils and I were laying in bed.  Nils was of course, fast asleep.  I was just laying there with my mind racing.  I felt strange movements, lots of pressure down below.  In fact, I felt like the baby was actually turning around inside my belly from Breech to head down (birth position).

As I started to feel more and more contractions start up, I found an app for that on iphone and downloaded software that would help me track the contractions.  I started timing them and they were 40-60 seconds long and were only about 3 minutes apart.  Nils recommended I call the hospital asap and tell them we’re coming in.  As we have a baby in breech position who wanted to come out.  I felt on the other hand, we should at least time them for 20 minutes.  They are going to ask me how long and how far apart they were, and I felt we needed to be prepared with this information.  (over-thinking and following procedures as usual 🙂  So I start to time them, but after only a few, I phoned the hospital directly. We immediately phoned my parents to ask them to come over asap so my mother could be here in the morning when Soren woke up.  Within 30 minutes they were here at the front door.  I’m sitting on a chair, having a contraction, explaining to my mother  what exactly to do with Soren.  In fact, I had already typed up a two page word-document of his daily schedule to follow and keep him on track.  (I did this as I continued to plan on having a c-section and that I’d be in the hospital for 5 nights).   I don’t think anyone read it – I’ll tell you why in a little bit. 🙂

So the contractions now are coming much stronger and it’s 12:55 pm or so and we’re in Nils’ car on the way to the hospital.  I’m squirming and breathing hard during each contraction and they just keep going.  By now the hospital has not yet returned my call, but this time, we knew it was time to get there.  With Soren, we remembered the phrase, “Stay at home as long as you can“.  This time with #2, I knew it would be quicker, just not this quick.

We park the car at MGH, then as we’re walking up to the hospital door, I cannot walk anymore, I’m having yet another.  There is a wheel chair parked so Nils immediately puts me in it, and off we go.  The security notify the Labor and Delivery floor we’re coming and off we go.  Upon arrival, they put me in Triage to get thing situated.  Contractions are going strong, I’m incredibly uncomfortable and it’s all happening very fast.  Unlike with Soren, I labored at home, this is going on hour #2.   They immediately do an ultrasound to verify the babies position.  Again, if he/she were still breech, then we’d be heading for an emergency C-section.  Dr. Lua – tells me I’m 3.75 cm dilated takes one look and says, I think that is an eye and the neck.  The other Dr. confirms.  I said, I just want to be 100% sure that you are not seeing anything wrong and that that is the head.  I don’t want to start pushing to find out that is the bumm.  Nope, the baby moved into head down position!!!  Amazing – only 3% of babies actually move this late int he game.  No one, including my OB thought she’d be moving.

It was now 1:38 am on Tuesday, April 6th.  They said as soon as they could take a few blood viles for labs and start my IV, I’d be able to get my epidural in place.  Well, the first try blows out the vein in my left wrist.  Huge swollen wrist!  Then they try for the vein in my left hand, NOPE, that doesn’t take.  They say they are beautiful, but they wander.  humm… then they try for my right wrist, boom.  Finally they move me to a labor room and call in Anesthesia.  After one final try and another big swollen vein later, they finally they take from my arm.  All along contractions were getting stronger and stronger and I was swearing.  I specifically remember saying SHIIITTT and FUCKKK during a couple of them.

Then around 2:15 am, Dr. Ross, starts the Epidural after lots of legal talking, paper signing, bla bla, just do it, I thought. I need some relief.  But this was not the relief I remembered with Soren’s delivery.  I didn’t suddenly feel any instant relief, my legs started to numb a little, but I still felt those horrible contractions.  He said he’d check back in 20 minutes.   I hand such pressure in my butt. I started to panic that I was pooping. I turned on my side and told Nils to hurry, get me some toilet paper.  Then a minute later, I said, quick get me tons of wet paper towels, I think I’m pooping.  Turns out I did poop a little bit but that was the enormous pressure of the babies head.   The pressure was stronger and stronger, the sense of having to push was worse and worse.  Back in comes Dr. Ross, wondering if I was feeling any relief.  I told him, I think it’s a little better on my upper part of my stomache but I can feel everything down below.  By this time, he said, it is going to take another 20 minutes or so and that I might be ready to push without it being 100%.  Oh no, I was a bit panicked.  I told the Nurse and Dr. at that point, if they have to give me an episiotomy to please be sure I was numb, and I could feel it all right now.  I was so afraid.   Then the nurse told me it was time to push.  Two Drs, Christine my nurse and Nils were all there helping me.  Pushing my way through it and through my screams I felt the baby coming out.  I started to panic as it was burning so much.  After what felt like only 15 minutes max, out comes a baby.  I told them several times, I only wanted Nils to tell me the gender of the baby.  Suddenly, when the baby is put in my arms, Nils said, It’s a GIRL! I was so in shock. Here is the photo of when I was given my girl.

Here is big brother Soren who approves of his little sister “Maze”.
While I did feel like it was a girl, as I felt it was totally opposites of my pregnancy with Soren, from morning sickness to the way I carried and put weight on in my hips. you just never know!  I was so thrilled.  Of course, if she were a he, I’d still be thrilled as it was a healthy baby, but I was more than thrilled it was a GIRL.  I got my wishes, one of each.  As they say in Dutch, the Emperors Wish came true – a son and a daughter!    But she was so much smaller than I remembered Soren to be or maybe it was how big he is now.  They still didn’t weigh her yet, they were delivering the placenta and giving me a few stitches.  I thought maybe 6 pounds, 9 oz.   Turns out to be 7lbs, 2 oz.  with apgar scores of 9 & 9!  Super!!!
We named her Maebh Neidin.  The first name is the old Irish pronunciation of the name Maeve and Neidin is after one of our favorite towns in Ireland, Kenmare.  http://www.kenmare.com/ I’m sure it’s gong to be hard at first in the US, but we’ll see how it goes.  Once you hear it you know the “bh” is pronounced “v”.

They took her wiped her up and gave her to me to start nursing immediately.  I swear, she loves to eat!
At about 5:30 am they took me down one floor to Ellison 13 to Postpartum recovery where I would be able to stay until Thursday around noon.  Nils went home after I was settled into my room.  He certainly couldn’t get any sleep on the pull out chair in the room and it was better for him to go home and rest.  When he arrived here, he took my mom home, got Soren ready for daycare and then came home to sleep for a few hours.
Later that day he and Soren were going to come back and visit the baby.

Remember earlier  I said, I don’t think anyone read my schedule for Soren.  During my rush to get out of the house to the hospital, I told my mother and Nils that if they were to send Soren to daycare tomorrow, his bag was packed and ready to go. I guess I meant they check was it and his extra back up clothes were there. I “thought” I said that his blanket and sheet were in the dryer and that they’d have to make him a lunch.  They could just make him a half of sandwich and a banana.  I really know I said this, but who knows… I’ve been known to think I said something and Nils says I didn’t.  ha ha

So Nils drops off Soren at daycare on Tuesday morning.  They are all thrilled to hear of the news of the new baby and learn her name, etc.    So later that day when they arrive to visit me and Maebh Neidin.

I saw Soren was wearing a new jacket. so I said, where did he get that coat?  Huh, Nils said.  I knew it, it was from daycare.  Then I said, what did he have for lunch?  Suddenly, Nils looks at me.  He FORGOT to pack him a lunch. Grrr.  I thought.  Well then again, I’m sure this was not the first time daycare has received a child without a lunch.  It was not until I got home from the hospital until I took out the laundry from the dryer had I realized that the blanket and sheet used for napping was still in the dryer.   Fast forward to two days later, Nils just returned from bringing Soren to daycare and he joked to Hillary saying here is his blanket and sheet.  She turned and said, how about his lunch?  ha ha  They are well-prepared at daycare centers so I am really making more of a joke here.

Well, I don’t have any more time to write now, but the next visit with Soren was great too.  My room overlooked North Station towards Charlestown, so you had a view of the Lechmere Green line AND North Station so Soren was having a great time watching all the Choo Choos!!  He loved it.  Then he was having lots of chuckles with Baby and Mama.  Of course, one he learned how the buttons on the side of the bed work (up and down) he was fixated on doing that.  Even the photo of Soren with Maebh, he was busy trying to work the bed too 🙂

I don’t think I mentioned that Maebh was born the day between my mother’s 60th birthday (April 5) and Nils’ 34th birthday (April 6).   More later when I have time.

I recently found this photo and had to include here:
August 1 2009 – day of IVF egg retrieval!!
Screenshot 2019-12-11 at 20.35.52.png

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