Updates leading up to giving birth

Monday, March 29th
This morning, I woke up with wet pants and had a slight tinge of color when I peed.  As I had already had an appointment scheduled for today, I figured we’d discuss it at the visit.  When I arrived, they took a swab and looked at it under the magnifying glass, but it was not AF (amniotic fluid).  Probably just starting of the bloody show from the cervix.  I also said the baby was not moving as much so they sent me along to MGH Boston for a NST (Non-stress Test) for the fetus.  They simply hooked my belly up to a monitor to count movement and the heartbeats during the movement.  As long as the heartbeat went up by 15 beats at least two times in 20 minutes, we’re fine.  Sure enough, we were fine!

So we continue to wait – baby is still breech.   I’m having a bit of regret that I didn’t “TRY” to move it, then at the same time, I hear horror stories of the pain and stress caused to the moms and babies.    If he/she has not turned itself, that is because there is a reason, right???

Friday, April 2nd
A couple of days ago I started losing little pieces of my mucus plug, but nothing new to report today.   Same old same old. … baby is still breech and we’re just waiting for any signs of labor to start.

My mom’s birthday is Monday, April 5th – she’ll be 60 and Nils’ birthday is Wednesday, where he’ll 34 this year.  It could be fun to deliver on one of their dates or not?

It’s 11:49 am on Monday, April 5th
Today is my mother’s 60th birthday and on Wednesday is Nils’ 34th.  Imagine if the baby was born right between?  Well anyway, I am not feeling so well.  Aside from terrible heartburn, I’m having some belly pains.  I have been laying in bed for the past two hours, not being able to sleep.  My lower abdomen has been cramping up.  It’s similar to Braxton Hicks, but these are more painful.   I also did have a slightly slimy red bloody thing a few minutes ago after I peed.  Oh and I had to change my pants I was wearing as they were quite wet.  But I am 99% sure it was not enough to say my water broke vs. a  little pee.

I just had a painful moment that lasted about 30 seconds,   I’m going to try to time them more to see if I’m developing a pattern.  Maybe there is an iPhone application for that?

Soren is fast asleep and if this is, I’m going to have to call and get my mother over here asap so we can get to MGH.

Ok well, I’m going to try and lay down and see if I can get a little rest in case this is it.  Oh and Nils just came out to say, I can’t go into labor yet as he has not yet had his Pupu Platter from Lucky Garden complete with chicken wings which he eats with his fingers and licks.  GROSS!!

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