Our first child

Just found a folder on my laptop with tons of photos of Soren’s birth and a bit of text about our experience having our first child, a boy.     I’ll put them here but not write a big big post about it.  Maybe I will one day but not now.

After a long labor, we welcomed Soren Chead into this world today!     Some of the highlights:

  • The gender was a surprise – we chose NOT to find out like so many others do.
  • I labored for 24 hours at home in my chair – in a load of pain before I sent into the hospital to continue to labor again for a LONG time.  I remember the hospital saying “don’t come in, we’ll send you home“!
  • Nils ordered a Pupu Platter from the local Chinese takeaway and proceeded to eat chicken wings from the bone in front of me as I gagged and came so close to throwing up – torture, I tell you!! 🙂
  • I had a second epidural as the first one didn’t work.
  • The Dr. came in and told me I was ready to push.   First thing I did was throw up as I was nervous.
  • When the baby’s head was crowning, the Dr. asked if I wanted to touch the baby’s head – but I replied -“don’t I have to wash my hands first!” LOL

January 27, 2008  4:52 pm
7.6 pounds and 21.5 inches long

The two wonderful nurses who helped us with the baby!

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